Sahar Tabar goes too far’ in quest to look like Angelina Jolie

A teenager has undergone more than 50 plastic surgery procedures in an effort to look like her idol Angelina Jolie.

Iranian 19-year-old Sahar Tabar says she has been a massive fan of the Hollywood actress her entire life – but friends and family say she’s hone too far in her efforts to look like the star.

Sahar said she ‘would do anything’ to look like Jolie and her reported 50 operations have left her with fuller lips and defined cheek bones – but trolls say it has made her look like a zombie.

Others told the young woman she looked more like a character from Tim Burton movie The Corpse Bride.

Sahar reportedly lost a shocking 5st 7lbs, in order to be as slim as Angelina.

The teen, who describes herself as a ‘strong sister’, has amassed more than 310,000 followers on social media.

But not all of them have been kind about her extreme look.

One follower named Timon6666 said: ‘U were pretty – now u r looking Like Zombi.’

While Yvonne_rolandson said: ‘But why would anyone do this to themself?’

News of her surgeries has not been officially confirmed with speculation her look is a result of make-up or Photoshopping.

But fans following her online say she looks ‘drastically different’ to previous posts.

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