Mike Leach could be a candidate for both the Tennessee and Arkansas jobs

The Tennessee coaching search is reportedly going in a bit of an unconventional direction. No, we’re not talking about Jon Gruden.

FootballScoop.com reported Saturday that Mike Leach is in play for the Vols.

The buzz in the profession the past 24 hours has been that Mike Leach seems to have a very good s**t at being offered the position.

The expectation from those we’ve spoken with is that Leach would accept the position if offered.

FootballScoop went on to report that defensive coordinator Alex Grinch would be tapped by the Cougars to replace Leach if the offensive guru does move on. It was Grinch’s defense that fueled the Cougars’ hot start this season.

His marauding defense is a big reason why the Cougars are 6-0. He’s been described to SB Nation as an elite defensive mind with the personality to do well as a head coach.

And apparently it seems that Leach has at least some backing for the Arkansas job as well.

Our friends in the desert like Leach’s chances at the job as well.

Both at Texas Tech and Washington State, Leach has proved that he can win in unconventional places. That’s the sort of thing you have to be able to do to make it work in a place like East Tennessee or Arkansas which doesn’t have natural bases of talent.

He also was an offensive coordinator for two seasons at Kentucky. Leach would absolutely win the press conference. He’d probably win quite a few games as well.

Source: SB Nation

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